Consumers' desires are paramount for
our food producing customers. 

We understand this and have designed our products to help our customers
fulfill those desires.

BioNaturals products enable our customers to produce outstanding food
products that exceed consumer expectations, in terms of food protection,
naturalness, taste, health and eco-friendliness.

  Consumer Demands   BioNatural Benefits
Safe Food
  • No harmful pathogens

  • No spoilage

  • Reasonable shelf-life

  • Appetizing appearance
  • Longer shelf-life

  • Better fungi and bacteria control

  • Less spoilage, slower deterioration

  • Minimal allergens from substrates
    and weak organic acids
Natural Ingredients
  • Natural, recognizable ingredients

  • Short, simple label

  • No artificial additives
  • No artificial preservatives

  • No E-numbers
Great Taste
  • Taste remains consumers’ primary purchasing factor

  • Natural taste and smell are essential
  • Fermentation process enhances flavor profile (improved taste, better browning, more aroma)

  • Weak organic acids add positive flavor elements
Healthy Food
  • No health risks

  • Potential health
  • Better digestion (weak organic acids protect digestive system)

  • High tolerance (weak organic acids prevalent in human organism)

  • Reduction of harmful additives i.e. ethanol, potassium sorbate, benzoic acid, etc.
  • Derived from renewable sources

  • Minimal eco footprint
  • Ingredients based on renewable sources only – no petroleum-based components!

  • Fermentation residuals can be used as natural fertilizers

Here’s what European consumers think about 
natural ingredients / clean label*:

  • 66% rate “all-natural/no artificial additives”
    as an important purchasing factor
  • 60% always or usually read the ingredient list
  • 76% think a short and simple ingredient list is important
  • Over 50% would consider switching to an “all-natural” alternative
  • Baby food, dairy products and meat are the most important foods that
    should be “additive free”