The breadth of our 4/Pure product portfolio enables us
to offer specific and multi-layered food protection solutions for many food types. 

Our 4/Pure products are designed with our customers' formulations in mind. The varied 4/Pure substrates, from wheat and rice to potato and whey, let manufacturers integrate our solutions into their existing formulations easily, by adding "native" ingredients only.  

4/Pure Soluble, our unique, fully soluble, product creates totally new possibilities beyond native substrates, enabling  substrate-free and allergen-free food protection, applied either as a spray or blended into the target product. 

Product Uses Replaces Application Labeling
4/Pure Wheat Baking Propionates (E280 – E283)
Sorbates (E200 – E203)
Sodium Acetates (E262)
Blended Fermented Wheat Flour
Cultured Wheat Flour
4/Pure Rice Confectionary,
Baking, Deli,
Ready Meals
Propionates (E280 – E283)
Sorbates (E200 – E203)
Blended Fermented Rice Flour
Rice Flour
4/Pure Whey Confectionary,
Dairy, Meat
Sorbates (E200 – E203)
Benzoates (E210 – E213)
Blended Fermented Whey Powder
Cultured Whey Powder
4/Pure Soluble Confectionary,
Baking, Dairy, Meat,
Deli, Ready Meals
Surface Applied Preservatives
(e.g. Ethanol, PHB-Ester
(E214 - E219))
Spray application Fermented Wheat Flour Extract
Cultured Wheat Flour Extract

Feel free to contact us, if your specific application is not among those listed. We would be happy to assist you in developing a food protection solution for your product.